C/C++ programming

JavaScript Cruncher V2.0 (C source)

Remove comments, spaces and compress JavaScript programs.

Andre's CGI library V1.2 GC++

Get cookies and form information sended by GET, POST, multi-part POST as simple as cgi::data["NAME"]. Make HTML-pages from templates using sended and user data. Docs and sample inside.

See also ScriptSearch.com and ScriptNow!!!

Functional programming

HFL interpreter (russian) V1.3

HFL is the functional programing language that based on the book "Functional programming" by P.Henderson. Using HFL you may show main conceptions of functional programming: lists, lambda-expressions, lazy evaluations, curring. Also included subset of SCHEME. The archive contains binaries, sources and introduction to functional programming.

Delphi programming

Andre's MDI Engine Component V1.0 for Delphi 2.0-7.0, C++Builder

Designing of forms' interactions of MDI application became simple and flexible. This component is replacement for APE. Archive contains sources, demo and help.

Andre's Program Engine (APE) Components V1.05u for Delphi 1.0-3.0, C++Builder

It is not supported more.

Andre's QuickReport Editor V2.1 for Delphi 1.0-5.0, C++Builder 1.0-3.0, RUS/ENG. For QR 2.0+ (for QR1.0 few possibilities)

To edit report at run-time. It simplifies table creating and band resizing. It includes replacements for QRLabels, QRMemos, QRShapes, QRImages, QRCells and QRBands. Change tables with single mouse moving!

Updated Components for Delphi 1.0

My first components. It includes TNewSpeedBtn (cool, color, circle and rounded), TScaleImage (transparent, load from file at run-time, RLE and BMP-formats), TUpdBevel (large bevels).

MSOffice for Delphi 1.0

Output to Word document or Excel table through macros. Autorun Word and Excel in Win3.1 and Win95.

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